My Shred10 journey begins as a middle aged Husband/Dad right here in LFK. I must begin by telling you that moderation has never been my strong suit. I am more of a reveler or celebrator, if you will. I enjoy coffee, craft beer , and food with equal gusto and sometimes reckless abandon. But, alas, my ever slowing metabolism and lifestyle choices have wreaked havoc on my body, especially this past year. Time for a change. I tried the Shred10 last month, out of what I felt was necessity. I was able to be strict with little to no bending of the rules. At first, I did not feel well, at all. The worst symptom, by far, was a headache that lasted about 4 days. I felt like a junkie in rehab. In a strange way, the worse I felt, the more resolve I had to finish. In my experience, nothing worth while is ever done without some suffering. Luckily, during this period, I was not struggling with the food aspect too much. The shakes were a great way for me to consume a large amount of fruit everyday, that I didn't ordinarily have in my diet. The shakes also helped me through some tough moments of feeling hungry. After the fog of the first 4 days was lifted, I felt better and was craving healthier foods. I lost 7lbs. I also gained some insight into what foods agree with me and which ones do not. I would like to shred again with more emphasis on my exercise routine. Just proving to myself that a person can live for 10 days without coffee/beer, and additionally eating healthy, makes the decision to try Shred10 one of my better ideas. I plan on using these shreds as a way to make more long term changes. Finally, it was helpful to have the support of Sharyn and the OmTree staff to answer questions, check-up on me, and ensure me that I would most likely survive. Thanks.
Jason's Story:
 My first Shred10 was eleven months ago and in that time I have completely restructured my body from the inside out! I used to have an upset stomach all of the time, I felt bloated, I felt tired after I ate, I had trouble sleeping and craved sweets a lot. And this was happening while I was eating well and exercising regularly. After that first Shred10, I continued on and made my guts my priority in feeling WELL. I now sleep soundly, my cravings are in check and I have increased my energy level substantially. I have dropped 25 lbs and completely restructured my body so that my muscles are lean and I have not been bloated once since January. Without all of the inflammation, I have been able to keep my healthy weight and continue to experience newfound benefits all the time!
Donika's Story:
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