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Are you someone who eats 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables consistently every day? Neither do we. Busy lifestyles and the abundance of fast food lead many to ask: "How do I get more fruits and vegetables into my diet?" After years of searching for the right diet or supplement to bridge the gap between what we eat and we should eat, we are elated to say we've found the the one...Juice Plus+!


Because lasting change doesn't happen overnight.
Juice Plus+ is not a quick fix. Much like skincare and exercise, lasting holistic change takes time. Clinically proven results occur when you take the product consistently for a minimum of 4 months but expect to see changes sooner. It takes 120 days (4 months) for every cell in the body to be regenerated. Allow your body to build new cells with the improved nutrition from Juice Plus+. Good health takes commitment and time, and we ask our Juice Plus+ customers to make the initial 4 month commitment to experience the benefits over time of what this Tried and Proven product can do for you. You'll be glad you did, and your body will thank you for making the effort!

Farm Fresh Nutrition

From farm to capsule.

Juice Plus+ is...

A variety of fruits, vegetables, berries and grains juiced and dried at low temperatures into 3 different powdered blends:


Garden Blend (beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kale, parsley, spinach, tomato, garlic oats, brown rice bran)

Orchard Blend (apples, cherries, cranberries, oranges, papaya, peaches, pineapples, beet, date and prune fiber)


Vineyard Blend (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, currants, bilberries, elderberries, concord grapes, green tea, ginger, artichoke and cocoa)


To learn more about how Juice Plus+ is made, watch THIS VIDEO.

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