Hello, I'm Sharyn Harley.

Yoga continues to expand my consciousness & reveal my purpose in this life.  

I am honored to share yoga's transformational practices & principles, to support you on the path to the life you crave...and deserve! 



Namaste!  My yoga journey began with an Ashtanga based vinyasa practice in 1998. I have explored a wide variety of lineages and styles including Iyengar, Kundalini, Forrest and Anusara. My respect and love for Ashtanga Yoga led me to my first teacher training under Bhavani Maki of Yoga Hanalei in 2009.  I continued on to received my 200 hour certification from Yoga Pod in Boulder, Colorado and completed my 300 hour certification with Gina Caputo's Colorado School of Yoga.
I began teaching yoga in 2009 and opened OmTree Shala, a studio in downtown Lawrence, Kansas in September of 2012.  My classes blend the rich philosophy and dynamic sequencing of Ashtanga with modern alignment knowledge.  I launched OmTree Shala’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program in 2014 and continue to enjoy the challenging, yet profound process of teaching teachers.
Beyond the studio walls, I love to travel, dance to live music and spend time with dear friends.  At home, my children, partner and cats keep me grounded and inspired!  


My Philosophy:


Yoga practices and principles serve as a map, with which to explore the terrain of your body, energy field, mind and spirit. When approached skillfully, Yoga trains you to objectively observe your patterns and responses and reveals your soul's desires and mission in this life.

This program teaches you to apply the philosophy and science of Yoga to your mat practice and more importantly, your life!

Whether you are new to Yoga or a seasoned practitioner, these workshops and classes will enhance your ability to dissolve self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and gain clarity of direction and purpose.

The Koshas, Chakras and 8 Limbs of Yoga are often briefly touched on in teacher trainings and workshops or perhaps you have seen them laid out in a magazine or online, but here I offer you the opportunity to interact with them, to take a closer look at and apply them to your own life experiences. This is the process of taking your Yoga off your mat and expediting your energetic and spiritual evolution, simply by switching the lens in your point of view from the one you inherited and have been coating with societal programming your entire life, to the lens of your highest self, your Yogic lens!