Yogic Lifestyle



During this 60 day program,

I hold space for you and teach you how to integrate ancient and modern yogic tools into your life.

These tools allow you to explore the various layers of your consciousness and better understand your own thought patterns, behaviors and ways of manifesting in the world.  

I help you establish both grounding and uplifting practices that support you in a holistic, authentic and radiant way of Being. 


This includes one 60 minute or two 30 minute sessions each week during our 60 days

(you choose which structure is more preferable to you)


Themes we may work on include:

  • supporting the 5 sheaths of consciousness 

  • Human Design chart reading

  • astrological chart assessment

  • Ayurvedic self-soothing therapies

  • nourishment and food relationships

  • beauty, radiance & self-confidence

  • how to build a personal yoga & meditation practice

  • application of yogic tools and principles in daily life

  • incorporating yogic wisdom in manifestation work 

  • please inquire about other areas you would like to explore, prior to enrollment